The Journey - Junior to Professional

Many parents ask “How does my son or daughter grow up to be the next Justin Rose or Georgia Hall”.

It is quite a journey and important that it is the dream of the junior not the dream of the parents.

It is like a train journey from one side of the country to the other and even though your aim is to complete the journey, you can get off at any time you want.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn`t work hard!


Encouragement and support is better than parents getting annoyed if the results don`t come along, otherwise all that is produced is a frightened golfer.

To Start

  • Find a good golf coach near your home, one that is good with juniors, it is most important that your son or daughter enjoys and looks forward to their tuition.
  • It is important to be or become very competitive so play in as many junior club competitions as possible
  • Next stage is to play in county junior events and make the junior county team.
  • Next, play in National events and get into National junior team.
  • When 18 years old play in adult National events and get into adult National team.
  • If good enough at that stage, turn professional and try to qualify to get onto a professional tour.
  • If your son or daughter work harder than the rest they have a chance.

Remember, the journey can be halted at any stage. 

Gary Player once said “The more I practise the luckier I get”

Live your dream!