Golf Psychology

Psychology is a very important ingredient in all sports and without a doubt a golfer who believes they can achieve their goal will always beat the player who has doubts.

Our psychology section will be changed and added to monthly, try some of the example exercises and see your confidence grow.

The Comfort Zone

Directly related to our dreams are our comfort zones. In order to grow and change into a great player, we must first be discontent with our current situation. The comfort zone is our living, work and social environment that we have grown accustomed too. It determines the type of friends we make or people we choose as associates. It determines a lifestyle we accept or reject, and it shapes the type of player we become. It`s interesting to note that the best players on tour stick together from an early age. Players such as Tiger Woods have put themselves in situations where they have brushed shoulders with the golfing elite since they were young. They do this to get the feel of being elite so they know the actions and behaviours required to be elite.


To be the best you have to think like the best

Changes in your thinking occur by being around the best.


Find the best players in your club or area and ask to play a round of golf with them. Once you have played that round of golf, write out what you have observed. What did this player do better in behaviours and thoughts.

                                    Dr John Pates


"Every time I go on the course, I aim to learn something new"

       Tiger Woods


Standing on the first tee shaking like a leaf, does this sound familiar?

We can suggest a few thoughts that, with practise will help enormously. 

The first thing you must remember is that you are not the only person this happens to, even the best players in the world tend to be more apprehensive on the first tee than any other.

  1. Try to make the most smooth and balanced golf swing you have ever made.
  2. Focus on an area on the fairway where you want the ball to finish.
  3. Lee Treveno was asked why he only looked at his target once, he replied his first look was where he wanted to hit the ball, which was a positive thought. If he allowed himself another look he would look at a point where he would try to avoid, this is a negative thought.
  4. If you get off to a good start it often lasts for the complete round. 

Believe You Can Do It

A belief is simply an interpretation that you hold to be true. Our brains are wired for beliefs, and when activated, the body responds as if the belief is reality, producing our results. Our brains cannot distinguish external from internal `reality`. So if inside we believe we cannot play a certain golf shot, we will struggle every time we attempt to play it. The only way we can change the results we get is by changing that belief.

An example would be if you held a deep belief that you were always unlucky when you played golf, you would delete all experiences of when you got fortunate breaks. Instead, you would highlight only your bad breaks to yourself and others, and your belief would continue to hold true and be your reality. 

The Power of Beliefs

Before Sir Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile in 1954, medical experts believed that it was medically unsafe for anyone to achieve it. Consequently, no runners believed they could do it. Once the barrier had been broken, someone had conquered the impossible, within a year of Bannisters record, 37 more runners broke the 4 minute barrier. A year later another 300 broke it.

The powerful magic that made it possible was simply a change in belief!

"You must always talk about winning, never losing, we must never give up."

Seve Ballesteros