How Do I Get Started?

It is easier if you learn with a friend.

Find the closest public golf course or driving range.

IMG 20181001 WA0002Tell the professional, who you will find in the professionals shop, you would like to start playing golf and would like some basic help.

It is best you wear a polo shirt or sweater.

Some golf clubs allow the wearing of jeans, some don’t, so best to be on the safe side and not wear jeans.

The professional will let you know whether you can wear trainers or if you need golf shoes – golf shoes have plastic spike that help your grip.

It is always best to start with a lesson or two from the professional, he will teach you the basics of the swing and lend you golf clubs during your lessons.

If you find that you like the game, you can buy an inexpensive set of clubs, the professional will give you sound advice.

There are basic rules you should learn:

  1. IMG 20181001 WA0003Always stand behind and to the right of where your partner is playing their shot from, this is for safety reasons
  2. Stand still whenever your partner is playing their shot
  3. Always keep up with the game in front
  4. keep quiet when your playing partner or anyone else is playing their shot
  5. If the group behind is playing faster than your group, stand to the side and call them through
  6. If you ever hit a shot where the ball is going towards another person – shout FORE!