One-to-One Online Golf Coaching

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There is only ONE thing that all golfers want!

That is to play BETTER!

WE can make that happen! 

One-to-one golf coaching is the quickest and best way to improve but this is not always convenient, you may not have time and it can be expensive.

One-to-one online golf coaching
is the solution!

Book a Lesson

To book a lesson, please first log in or register:

How It Works

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  1. Video your golf swing with your mobile phone, one from directly in front and one down the line.
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  2. Choose lesson option on The Pro in Your Pocket - text reply (within 4 hours) £10 or one-to-one chat/video chat golf lesson £20.
  3. Attach your video and a short comment.
  4. Pay for the lesson you have chosen seemlessly via Apple Pay, Android Pay or Credit/Debit Card.
  5. The video and your comment will immediatly be sent.
  6. Receive your instruction reply by the method you have chosen.

All future tuition will be from your individually assigned Pro.

Any videos arriving after 8pm and before 8am will receive replies as soon after 8am as possible.