About Us

There is only one thing that all golfers want. To play golf better. They spend fortunes on new clubs, new balls, exotic devices when in fact the only thing that will make them a better golfer is better technique.

We can make that happen through our unique web site.

The Pro in Your Pocket is the only site in the world dedicated to providing one to one online lessons and tips to golfers in real time wherever they may be located. A golfer can have access to online tuition with John Cool and Mathew Cook both Level 5 and European Tour coaches who will soon build a relationship with the golfer and provide an answer to problems when they occur.

A golfer uploads videos of their swing and a short description of their problem to The Pro in Your Pocket, these will be analysed by John or Mathew. The golfer will receive a response by their chosen method from the professional within 30 minutes for rapid response lessons or 4 hours for a standard lesson.

Our Coaches

John Cook who is a past European Tour player, England under 18 yrs coach, Thailand National coach, European Tour coach and 35 years coaching experience.

Mathew Cook who is a Level 5 and European Tour golf coach, qualified in golf psychology. Mathew is the Oxford University Blues golf coach with an impressive record of 9 wins in 10 years.